Santoral: San Eustaquio
Santoral: San Eustaquio

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Application for admission / Learning agreement

Applications will only be considered through the official nomination submitted by a partner institution.

Application Form

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List of documents needed to be accepted as an exchange student at UCV

During the on-line application procedure, the INCOMING students will need to upload the following documents, depending on the type of mobility.

Those with * are compulsory for al lof the students:

  • Copy of your Passport or Identity Card*
  • Insurance(s) covering*: (all needed in English or Spanish)
    • European Health Insurance card* (only for Erasmus students).
    • Travel Insurance* (including damage or loss of luggage)
    • Accident and serious illnesses* (including permanent or temporary incapacity)
    • Personal Liability Insurance*1
    • Repatriation insurance*
  • Language Certificate (a proof of your level from your home institution):
    • Spanish B1 level required for courses taught in Spanish.
    • Spanish B2 level required for TRAINEESHIPS in Dentistry, Nutrition, Medicine     and Physiotherapy.
    • English B1 level, if you will follow courses taught in English.
  • A Passport sized picture (for your student's card)*
  • Criminal Record Certificate with Hague Apostille (required for all the Traineeship's exchanges from Education degrees, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Sports Sciences and for all the incoming in Dentistry- studies and traineeship's)

*Compulsory documents.

1 The Personal Liability Insurance is a personal insurance that covers the possible damages caused by the student to a third person or objects.

Deadlines to submit the Application Documents

  • 1st semester and full year: 1st April- 1st June.
  • 2nd semester:
    • 15th September 15th November.
    • 1st to 30th September for Traineeships in Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, Physiotherapy & Podiatry.

Learning Agreement

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UCV examinations must be taken in Valencia.

Language Requirements


We would like to inform you that as an exchange student, a B1 Spanish Level is required.

  • All Dentistry Incoming Students must have a B2 Spanish Level.
  • All the Business Incoming must have a B1 English Level.

Our institution offers 6CTS Spanish course, either on the 1st or on the 2nd term, to all our incoming students who need it on the learning agreement.

All the Masters are offered in Spanish.Incoming students interested in following a Master at UCV are required to have a B2 Spanish level.

  • For Traineeships in Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Medicine, the exchange student must hold a B2 Spanish Level.

If you wish to follow subjects from our English Program, you are asked to have a B1 English Level.

Please check our “International English program” brochure.

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Contact information
International Campus

International area coordinator

Beatriz Manrique

International relations office

San Juan Bautista Campus 
C/ Guillem de Castro, 175
46008 Valencia (Spain)
+34 96 363 74 12

Incoming international students

Contact: incoming@ucv.es 
Incoming students advisor: Mercedes Gómez
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday & Thrusday: 11h - 12h30 / Tuesday: 15:30 - 16:30 h.
Extension 4144

Bilateral agreements / Staff mobility / Buddy program

Contact: ori@ucv.es 
Begoña Barber.
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12-13.30 am
Extension 5047

Buddy program & double degrees

Contact: ori@ucv.es 
Juan Escámez
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12-13.30 am; Tuesday and Thursday: 3.30-5 pm. 
Extension 5056

Erasmus+ KA107

Contact: ka107@ucv.es
Pepa Martínez
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12-13.30 am