Santoral: San Guillermo
Santoral: San Guillermo

Universidad Católica de Valencia


My university doesn't have any agreement signed with the UCV. Can I study one semester with the UCV-US Program?

Any American student can study at the UCV-US Program provided s/he has his/her International Office and his/her academic supervisor´s approval. It is the student´s responsibility to provide the US Program director with such documentation.

Which documents should I bring with me to Valencia, before arriving?

You should bring your Passport and your Visa.

If you are not purchasing your Health Insurance through us, you will need to buy your own Health Insurance. According to International regulations, your insurance policy must cover body repatriation.

When does the semester start at UCV?

Our Fall semester starts at the beginning of September and runs until mid-December.

The Spring semester starts at the beginning of January and runs until mid-May.

How do I know which courses I should take?

There is no fixed course program for American students. Check with your home university regarding your approved courses. Please keep in mind some courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. You should provide us with a selection of twice the amount of courses you will need to be on the safe side.

Health Information. What can I do if I have a health problem?

As an American, you must have a medical insurance to enter in Spain.

If you have purchased your Health Insurance through us, you will receive your Insurance card and a list of all private hospitals and health clinics during our Program Presentation.

If you need medical assistance, it is important to bring with you a copy of your medical insurance or medical card, since you may be asked to do so give it at the medical center.

How could I find accommodation in Valencia?

If you want to stay with a host family, please fill out our housing questionnaire and send it to us along with the rest of your application.

Should you decide to stay in a dorm, you can contact Collegiate Marina Real. This student residence is the perfect Valencia home for you, with excellent transport links to reach UCV and the city centre - less than 15 minutes away. UCV Students can benefit from a 100 euro discount selecting UCV1819 code during the booking process, for stays higher than 24 weeks. For more information, please contact: marinareal@collegiate-ac.com

If you prefer to stay in a flat, you can book your accommodation safely and online through Beroomers. If you need more information you can contact help@beroomers.com

Can I do any sports activities at UCV?

All the students registered at the UCV are highly encouraged to practice sport through the Sports Activities Service. You will receive more information on that via e-mail before you get to Valencia and also during your Program presentation. Should you want to contact our Sports and Events services directly, you can write at safd@ucv.es.

When will I receive my UCV Student Card?

Once you are officially registered at UCV, you can send your passport like digital picture to the director of the program. Provided you have done so with plenty of time before your arrival, you will get your Student Card during your Program Presentation.

You can also have your picture taken at the specific UCV photo boxes, your student card will be automatically created. When the card is ready, the director of the Program will inform you by e-mail, and you will let you know how to pick it up.

What information do I need to know as a UCV student?

No professor can decide whether an absence is excused or not. In case of emergency, students need to contact the Program Director´s to make sure their absences may be justified.

You are allowed up two absences, use them wisely.Anyabsencebeyond that will lower your final grade in 0,5 points (out of a grand total of 10 points) for each absence beyond the second one (exceptions will only be granted in case of hospitalization or when the student is required to go back to the States).So, please, use them wisely. Do not assume you will never get sick or will never miss your flight back.

Students must be always on time. Coming late to class on a regular basis will affect the students final grade. In any case, if a student gets 15 minutes late to class, that will be considered as a tardy.Two tardies = 1 Absence. If a student leaves the class 15 minutes before the end of the class, that will also be considered a Tardy. Leaving more than 15 minutes before the end of the class = 1 absence.

You also need to check the Plataforma regularly to see what’s going on in the courses you are following, to upload your assignments, download activities, etc.

Grading system

A+= 10-9.90 A(Matrícula de honor) 9,90 – 9.0

A- (Sobresaliente) 8.99 – 8.75

B+(Notable alto) 8.74 – 8.25

B (Notable bajo) 8.24 – 7.5

B- (Bien alto) 7.49 – 7.0

C+(Bien bajo) 6.99 – 6.0

C(Suficiente alto) 5.99 – 5.0

D(Deficiente) 4.99 – 4.0

F (Muy deficiente) 3.99 - 0

At the end of the stay, you will have your official academic transcript, where the name of the course, number of US grades, language of instruction and overall score will be included. This AT will be sent directly to your home institution’s international office or to your Study Abroad Provider.

What is the cost of living in Valencia?

Estimated living expenses (for reference only):

Accommodation: Between 600€ and 900€ per month in a Students Residence (meals, laundry, gym, wifi…included) or between 250€ and 350€ per month one room in a shared flat plus bills.

Books/Meals/Transport and others: about 250€ per month.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

If your question isn’t listed here, please e-mail studyabroad@ucv.es

The City of Valencia: Trasportation, WiFi and some other facts

City Map, how to go on foot


Bus info


Metro (Subway Info)


Valencia Rent a bike


Free WiFi https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?hl=es&ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=118046074959067255226.0004753fc36026aacc368&ll=39.488741,-0.360918&spn=0.016295,0.027509&z=15

What to do in Valencia

Valencia, much more than a touristic resort


Agenda de Valencia. Calendar, Weather, Hotels and much more


Qué hacer en Valencia, What to do in Valencia.

Check the Ayuntamiento, City Hall, website to find out what you can do month by month




Bioparc Valencia (zoo)


Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias





Red Bus EMT Nº 1, 2, 14, 15, 19, 31, 32. (20 y 23 from mid June til late September)

Subway: T4, T5, T6. www.emtvalencia.es


MetroBus Herca Línea “Valencia - Perelló”. Bus 190a. “Valencia/Saler/Perelló”. http://www.avmm.es/web/area-metropolitana-de-valencia/red-transportes-metrobus



You need to take the train www.renfe.es

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UCV Study Abroad Program Director: David García Ramos

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