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Santoral: San Antonio de Padua
Santoral: San Antonio de Padua

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The UCV Study Abroad Program offers internship opportunities in the fields below and students can obtain a credit recognition at their Home University. If you are interested in other kind of internships not listed here, please, do not hesitate in asking us, we could have also Sports Sciences, Business, Social Work.
Internships are generally unpaid, full-time or part-time work assignments.

If interested, you need to apply to providing:

  • Your academic transcript,
  • A resume (including your education, work experience if any, extracurricular activities and service experiencies)
  • A cover letter (in English or Spanish)
  • A FBI background check or similar (please check below if it is necessary for your internship)
  • A letter of recommendation: optional

Education Teaching Practice

Internships at Elementary/Middle Schools

You will have the opportunity to fulfill a teacher training period at a school in Valencia. Depending on the degree you are studying and on your linguistic competence in English and /or Spanish, you will be placed at the school which best fits your needs. While at school, you will have a tutor who will guide you throughout the whole process. Hands-on learning for prospective teachers!

  • Spanish fluency is not required for Education Placements
  • FBI background check is required
  • 3 / 6 / 12 US credits

Marine Sciences

Internships at the UCV Environmental and Marine Research Institute (IMEDMAR) in Calpe (Alicante), where students will be able to apply the knowledge acquired in previous modules in a pre-professional context.

  • Development of practical knowledge and skills, both individual and group, of the concrete activities needed according to the type of company / sector of activity of the marine area.
  • To be capable of advising technically to the companies.
  • To acquire skill in the marine basic or applied research.
  • To promote the proactive attitude of the student.

Requirements: Diving certification (if not, the student will have the opportunity to obtain it during the stay)

Language of Instruction: Spanish / English

  • Nº of Internships in English: 2
  • The applicant´s insurance policy must include death (accident) & Permanent disability (accident) compensation coverage
  • Schedule: from Monday to Fridays, 4-8 hours per day.

If the student takes it as part of a class, there´s a syllabus and all the necessary academic requirements. If it´s a Stand-Alone Internship, there´s continuous follow up by the supervisor and a Final Report.

  • Calpe is reachable from Valencia by bus or by train
  • 3/6 ECTS credits.

Early Childhood Intervention (People with Dissabilities)

Internships at La Alquería, a UCV Early Assistance Centre for children aged 0 to 3 years.

For Specialists in the fields of Speech Therapist, Special Education and/or Psychology.

Nº of Internships in English: 4

  • FBI background check is required
  • Schedule: From Monday to Fridays (mornings from 9h to 13h30 and afternoon from 15h to 17h).

Community service & volunteering

The UCV Study Abroad Program offers an exceptional opportunity for all students to earn some much needed experience through volunteer work while they earn community hours.
Volunteer work takes place in public, subsidize and non-profit institutions. For this reason, many of the activities are of benefit to the Valencia community, while others have a specific target of underprivileged and elderly communities.

  • Spanish fluency required for some placements
  • FBI background check required.
  • Internship opportunities can include the following fields:
  • Young Children in risk of social exclusion
    • Elderly Homes
    • People with Disabilities
    • Hospital companions
    • Inmates
    • Immigrants 

More info:  Community service & volunteering

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UCV Study Abroad Program Director: David García Ramos

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