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International student studying at UCV


Once in Valencia

How to OBTAIN the NIE document (ID card for foreign citizens)

When you are settled in Valencia, if you need to apply for a NIE or ID certificate, you need to make an appointment on this link, in the first month:

The following step is to select Provincias Disponibles: Valencia. And then accept (aceptar)

Finally, in Trámites Disponibles para Provincia Seleccionada, you need to select:

If you are an EU student: (below the map on the right)

  •  Click on Asignación NIE. And then accept (aceptar)
  •  And you need to go to the Oficina de Comunitarios de Bailén, in Calle Bailén, nº 9 Valencia. 

If you are a non-EU student: (below the map on the left)

  • Click on Toma de huellas (Expedición de tarjeta de identidad de extranjero).
  • And you need to go to the Comisaría de Patraix, located in Calle Gremis, nº 6 Valencia.

PLEASE, bring with you ID or passaport, UCV acceptance letter & official sheet you will receive via email. (More documents could be demanded when you go to the Comisaría). 

Oficina de Comunitarios de Bailén

Comisaría de Patraix

Safety Information

  • All the emergency services are coordinated through the telephone number 112. If you urgently need an ambulance, the fire department, or the police, call this number.
  • Hospitals will assist you in case of emergency. In that case, you may go to the nearest hospital.
  • If you feel sick or need health assistance, go to the nearest Centro de Salud. You can check them here.
  • If you need any medical assistance during your stay you should always bring with you: 
    • (EU citizens): ID (or Passport) + European Health Insurance card 
    • (Non- EU resident) Passport + Health Insurance policy

Opening a Bank Account

If you wish to open a bank account in Spain you need to have the NIE (identification number for foreigners).

The City of Valencia

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Contact information
International Campus

International area coordinator

Beatriz Manrique

International relations office

San Juan Bautista Campus 
C/ Guillem de Castro, 175
46008 Valencia (Spain)
+34 96 363 74 12

Incoming international students

Incoming students advisor: Mercedes Gómez
Attention hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 10.30-12.30 am / Wednesday: 15:30 - 16:30 h.
Extension 4144

Bilateral agreements / Staff mobility / Buddy program

Begoña Barber.
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12-13.30 am
Extension 5047

Buddy program & double degrees

Juan Escámez
Attention hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 12-13.30 am; Tuesday and Thursday: 3.30-5 pm. 
Extension 5056