Seamester at UCV - Marine Biology Summer School
Santoral: San Venancio
Santoral: San Venancio

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Seamester at UCV - Marine Biology Summer School

This course will provide you with an introduction to Marine Biology.

Enjoy 1 week in Valencia learning Scientific Spanish and engage 2 more weeks in Calpe, Alicante, with in-field and water activities in natural parks and marine protected areas.

Course activities include: Lectures, hands-on lab classes, scientific protocols in marine studies, field and water activities as tools to explore marine life, close interaction with local culture and the fishing community, and much more!


Students will learn concepts of oceanography, biology, marine ecology and marine climatology, patterns of global circulation and the Mediterranean Sea, global change, generalities of coastal management, marine invertebrates, identification of marine communities, methods of sampling of benthos and an introduction to the study of plankton.

Besides, students will combine scientific contents with cultural activities: they will enjoy a walking and bike tour to get to know the city of Valencia, visit to the Oceanography, ride the waves in a paddlesurf experience, immerse in local culture with a visit to the fish market and dive in the sea with the PADI open water course.

This course is for

International Students aged from 18 to 25, ideally from the fields of Marine Sciences, Oceanography, Biotechnology, Veterinary, etc.


  • Spanish Language (1,2 ects)
  • Introduction to Marine Sciences (1,5 ects)
  • Marine Sciences Lab (1,3 ects)


  • José Tena Medialdea, IMEDMAR Director
  • Jose Rafael Garcia March, IMEDMAR Scientific Coordinator
  • Lucía de Ros, UCV Language Institute, Spanish Department Coordinator

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Start date: 19/06/2023
Enf of the course: 07/07/2023

Monday to Friday. Theoretical classes: from 10h to 13h. Practical classes and other activities: from 17h to 19h.


1st week: UCV Language Institute( San Agustín, 3 Esc A Entresuelo 1. 46002 Valencia, España ).
2nd and 3rd week: IMEDMAR (C/ Explanada del Puerto s/n, 03710, Calpe, Alicante, Spain).


1.500 euros

Deadline for application:

14 April 2023