Santoral: San Miguel de los Santos
Santoral: San Miguel de los Santos

Universidad Católica de Valencia

People with Disabilities. Campus Capacitas

Valencia is a safe, accessible, and people friendly city that has addressed the removal and prevention of barriers that cause problems for persons with disabilities. This is a city which demonstrates a commitment in changing the urban environment to allow all people to fully enjoy city life. Identifying the best ideas and solutions and spreading information and examples has helped us to learn from other places, and develop plans best suited to our own municipal environment. The UCV, as an intrinsic part of Valencia and its peoples, are also very much engaged in this commitment.

The UCV has endeavored for many years to change attitudes towards people with disabilities. Our university has as one of its core principles the wellbeing of people with disabilities. We strongly believe that people with disabilities have important rights, one of which is the right to participate as active members of society. The UCV, through its Campus Capacitas Project, recognizes the need to promote and protect the human rights of all people with disabilities, including those who require more intensive support.  Despite the various measures that have already been taken, we are aware that people with disabilities continue to face barriers to their participation as equal members of society. For this reason, the UCV encourages the elimination of attitudinal and environmental barriers that hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

The UCV provides students with not only accessible classrooms, but also daycare facilities and adapted living accommodation so that everybody can effectively exercise their right to education. Our Center for Early Intervention and Early Childhood, “La Alquería” is part of our commitment to promote accessibility and equal rights for everybody. In this Center, a number of Speech Therapists, Special Education Specialists and Psychology Specialists work hand in hand with kids and their parents on a daily basis.

The “Alquería” is also an important venue for Students´ internships, since many of our specialists speak English as well. American students can make as many hours as they might need as part of an internship here.

To learn more about this, you can visit the following link (in Spanish) atencion-a-las-personas-con-discapacidad

Or contact them directly at oficinadiscapacidad@ucv.es

You can also contact us through studyabroad@ucv.es.

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