Santoral: San Constantino
Santoral: San Constantino

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Interships, Service Learning and Stand-alone Interships

The UCV-US Program offers internship positions in areas ranging from health clinics, hospitals and business to social services, and teacher education. Students earn from 3 to 16 undergraduate academic US credits during the internship through their academic department. Internships are generally unpaid, full-time or part-time work assignments. While we cannot guarantee specific placements, the UCV-US Program seeks to accommodate every qualified student with an appropriate internship.

The UCV-US Program also offers Stand-Alone Internship Programs. These focus more on the internship experience, but also include an academic component.

Applicants should note competition for most Internships is extremely fierce, so if you are considering applying to one, try to submit a thorough application that illustrates your qualifications and commitment.

The internships that we provide are unpaid. Paid internship placements are very rare, typically work experience placements provide no stipend.

Please take note, some host agencies might require interns to work during their off-days.

You will need to provide the UCV-US Program director with your academic transcript, your resume, your cover letter and, if necessary, an FBI background check or similar. A letter of recommendation is optional. 

Your resume should be no longer than two pages and include at least your education, work experience, extracurricular activities, and service experiences.

Your cover letter can help to differentiate you from other applicants vying for internship in a specific host agencies. Our internship program is extremely competitive, and setting yourself apart is important. Before you send it, please check if you should write it in English or in Spanish. You cover letter should outline the following: 

• Why you would like to do your internship at the chosen host agency?;

• The department in which you would like to work; 

• What distinguishes you from other candidates?. 

Only few placements will require to conduct interviews for nominated students. Interviews are expected to take around 20-40 minutes.

Once you apply for an internship, you are making a commitment to the UCV and/or a host company to complete the work terms. Trying a position and then deciding to quit is not an option. However, the Internship Coordinator will work with you if you have any issues or concerns with your internship. 

Internship applicants with an advance level of proficiency in both Spanish comprehension and conversation have access to all our internships. Internship applicants not fluent in Spanish have access to all those internships marked with Y.

The following list is a sampling of recent placements (more are available but specific placements are not and cannot be guaranteed):


"Professional Training in Biotechnology"

* 1 student per semester 

Marine Sciences

Nº of Internships in English: 2

* Preference will be given to applicanats with a Diving certification
* The applicant´s insurance policy must include death (accident) & Permanent disability (accident) compensation coverage

Location: Instituto de Investigación en Medio Ambiente y Medio Marino (IMEDMAR) in the town of Calpe (Alicante)

Number of hours: Monday through Friday, 4-8 hours per day.

If the student takes it as part of a class, there´s a syllabus and all the necessary academic requirements. If it´s a Stand-Alone Internship, there´s continuous follow up by the supervisor and a Final Report.

You can get from Valencia to Calpe by bus



or by train




*Spanish fluency not required for Education Placements

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

Health, Nursing and Physical Therapy NURSING




*Hospitals will determine the shifts. These usually run 7h MON-FRI either 8-15h OR 15-22h. For 3 Weeks straight. NO Changes to be made. Do Not apply if you are not prepared to comply for 3 weeks

*Students can buy their hospital/health center/clinic scrubs and white crocs at the UCV (approx. 40 euros) check our online store https://mall.ucv.es/h/es/catalogo/categoria/41 or bring them from home.

*Spanish fluency (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) required 

UCV Health Clinics.

IVO (Valencian Oncology Hospital)

Hospital de Manises

Arnau de VIlanova,


Denia Marina Salud. 40 Internships in English

The hospital Denia  Marina Salud is a dynamic hospital , with young staff and located in the resort town of Denia.
The hospital provides public care. It employs over 1,200 people and has more than 250 beds and 15 operating theatres. It has a Day Hospital Unit and a Day Surgery Unit.  It also features intensive Care, Hospitalization, Home Care Unit and numerous special ties (Allergology, Pathological Anatomy, Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation, Pain Therapy, Angiology and Vascular Surgery, Biochemistry, Cardiology, Genera and Digestive Surgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Pharmacology, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Haematology, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Microbiology, Nephrology, Pulmonology, Neurosurgery, Neurophysology, Neurology, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry , Radiology, CAT-scan, MR , Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, Emergency and Urology). It also features a Musculoskeletal Unit and a Breast Cancer Prevention program. 

Students will do their practicum (internship) with English-speaking mentors that will provide individualised follow-up and will help them adapt to the work system of Spanish hospital care. ln addition, students may carry out the practicum plan in wards and specialized services depending on the year they are in.
ln the Faculty of Medicine the first term begins in September and ends in January and the second term begins in February and ends in June. However, the start and end dates of International practicums at the Hospital of Denia are flexible.
The board of Medicine of the hospital works in close collaboration with the Faculty of Nursing and maintains good communication. Thus, American student needs will be permanently addressed. A doctor will be in charge of the program performing the role of reference person for the student and will be in contact with the international coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine.
Being 91 km away from Alicante and 105 km from Valencia, you can fly  to any of the  two  airports, El Altet (Alicante) or Manises (Valencia).  lt is a city that can be reached by public transport and offers all kinds of services. There is a ferry connecting Denia with some destinations at the Balearic islands. lt has a pleasant
climate and many attractions, magnificent beaches and hiking trails.



You can get from Valencia to Denia by bus, http://www.alsa.es/rutas/valencia-denia.htm or by train http://www.denia.net/ver/682/Renfe-Valencia.html

Students will work approximately 6 hours per week for 1 credit, 9 hours per week for 2 credits, or 12 hours per week for 3 credits. The time may be spent on a single project or on a variety of tasks agreed upon by the School of Science Intern Coordinator and the supervisor. Students will be required to keep a log of their activities and to prepare a summary report of their experience at the end of the semester. At the request of the host institution and the discretion of the Intern Coordinator, a student may extend the internship until a total of six credits has been earned. No students may apply more than 6 credits of internship experience in any combination of fields towards their degree (except for international internships). May be taken on a pass/fail grading system only.

Early Childhood Intervention (People with Dissabilities)

(Speech Therapists,Special Education Specialists andPsychology Specialists)


La Alquería. Centro de Atención Temprana UCV (0-3 yrs)

4 internships in English. Times: Morning 9 to 13.30, Afternoon 15 to 17


Clinical placement in Spanish


Clinical placement in Spanish

Community service & volunteering

More info: Community service & volunteering


The UCV-US Program offers an exceptional opportunity for all students to earn some much needed experience through volunteer work while they earn community hours.

Volunteer work takes place in public, subsidize and non-profit institutions. For this reason, many of the activities are of benefit to the Valencia community, while others have a specific target of underprivileged and elderly communities.

*Spanish fluency required for some Placements

Young Children in risk of social exclusion

*Spanish fluency required (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) for most Placements

Fundación San Juan Bautista

Centro de acogida de menores Niño Jesús

Asociación La Casa Grande

FERE (Escuelas Católicas) 

La Coma

Centro de Día Luisa de Marillac

Centro de acogida de menores La Inmaculada de Xàtiva

Refuerzo educativo a menores en riesgo de exclusión social en Carcaixent

Elderly Homes

*Spanish fluency required (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) for most Placements

Residencia Velluters

Fundación San Antonio de Benagéber

Residencia San José

Pastoral de la Salud del Arzobispado de Valencia

People with Dissabilities

*Spanish fluency required (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) for most Placements



Alter Valencia


Hospital companions

*Spanish fluency required (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) for most Placements


Hospital de Manises

Hospital la Fe

Hospital Peset


*Spanish fluency required (Advanced or Lower Advanced level) for most Placements


Pastoral Penitenciaria


*Spanish fluency required for most Placements

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UCV-US Program Director
David García Ramos


UCV-US Program Administrative Assistant
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