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Santoral: San Ricardo
Santoral: San Ricardo

Universidad Católica de Valencia

Project goals

This new project will open doors to new forms of study, research and collaboration. The EU-CONEXUS aims to achieve the following results:

  • Studies: multidisciplinary automatically recognised Bachelor´s minors under European University label, 1 multidisciplinary joint Master´s Programme and specialisation courses, 1 multidisciplinary PhD programme, 1 professional minor course.
  • Research: 4 joint research institutes of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity, Coastal Engineering, and Social, Culture and Human Sciences with joint laboratories and initiatives to participate in international research projects.
  • Smart Campus, based on the use of ICTs and artificial intelligence, which guarantees the ambitious objective to reach the 50% of students' mobility, the development of innovative teaching and learning methodologies, the access to all types of educational resources (virtual library) and that is exemplary in terms of environmental protection.
  • Sustainable cooperation in other areas between the partners will start by launching joint Communication and Dissemination, Mobility, Research, Public and Corporate Relations, International Relations units and developing a Smart Campus.
  • University-Industry cooperation: vocational and continuing education programmes that reflect regional socio-economic needs.

The European University for Smart Urban Coastal Sustainability

Project Ref. No: 612599-EPP-1-2019-1-FR-EPPKA2-EUR-UNIV

Project started: 01/09/2019
Project ends: 31/08/2022
Duration: 36 month
Budget: € 5,645,079.25


Dr. Pablo Vidal
EU-CONEXUS Government Board member
Dr. Ana de Luis Margarit
EU-CONEXUS Academic Council presiding member
Neringa Narbutiene
Project Manager