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US Program

Today, I can truthfully say that the study abroad program at La Universidad Católica de Valencia was the perfect place for me to spend my semester abroad.



Welcome to Valencia, a dream-like city which is actually real! Within the precincts of one single city, you will be able to experience both history and modernity while savoring the delights of a true Mediterranean life. Today, Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, but over 2,000 years ago, it already shined under the reign of Caesar Augustus. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Valencia wielded economic power throughout the Mediterranean. In the new millennium, this welcoming city continues making history with its avant-garde architecture, as well as with its people and economic fabric.  

The City of Arts & Sciences is an architectural collection of exceptional beauty, harmonizing the outer structure with the content. Its stunning architecture naturally blends with its great capacity to entertain, teach, and excite by promoting public participation. Offering cultural and intellectual leisure, the City of Arts & Sciences has given Valencia the best center of this type in Europe.

The Catholic University of Valencia “San Vicente Mártir” seeks a high-standard educational quality that provides an authentic university community in a climate of academic friendship; and a purpose to create and maintain a singularly educational and personal relationship between each one of the students and the University. Instruction, education, and formation are the axes that conform our teaching.

We are a member of the Asociación de Programas Universitarios Norteamericanos en España, APUNE,

The UCV-US Programs Include:

  • Access to Liberal Arts courses with the UCV-US Program.
  • Option of taking Spanish Intensive courses before regular classes begin.
  • Access to regular catalogue courses at any of our schools and internships. 
  • Airport pick-up (on arrival date & times established by the Program).
  • Guided excursions. 
  • Academic & personal advising.
  • Buddy Program.
  • Access to extracurricular activities in the university. Please click here for a list of outdoor activities, indoor activities, internal and external competitions.   
  • Use of study rooms, libraries, computer rooms, Wi-Fi.
  • Housing information & reservation (Residence Hall, family, or shared apartment).
  • The UCV ID Card.
  • Medical insurance.
  • 24 hr emergency phone service.
  • Access to our Health Clinics, CLINICAS UNIVERSITARIAS,
    accredited by the Regional Department of Health. Their services include Sports Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy & Podiatry.  
    Click here for a short video on Sports Medicine
  • Information on the Official Exams of Instituto Cervantes (D.E.LE. Exams). The UCV is also an official venue for official exams in order to obtain the Certificates in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) issued by the Instituto Cervantes, , on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.
  • Service Learning: Social Participation & Development. This option provides field experience in community service agencies, education organizations and NGOs. The student will work for at least five hours per week under the direction of a professional super-visor in the sponsoring organization. In addition, the student will meet periodically with a faculty member faculty and will prepare one or several written reports at the end of the internship. Please check brochure for more information.
  • Internships and Stand-Alone Internships connected with many of our schools. This option provides field experience in our health clinics, hospitals, at sea experiments, schools, agencies, research organizations, advocacy groups, and business firms. The student will work for at least ten hours per week under the direction of a professional super-visor in the sponsoring organization. In addition, the student will meet periodically with a faculty member and will prepare a final written report at the end of the internship.  Please check our Internships tab for more information.

Academic Year and Semester Programs Dates

Spring: January through May 
Summer: Mid June through Mid July
Fall: September through December. 
Please check the Academic Year and Semester Programs Tab for more info

Program Fees*

For information regarding program fees, you can check the Program Deadlines and Fees Tab, contact your Study Abroad advisor at your university, or your Study Abroad provider. You can also contact the UCV-US Office at 
* Discounts available for students staying the whole academic year.

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Contact Information

UCV-US Program Director, Emilio Ramón
Despacho 16090 – Centro de Postgrado
Universidad Católica de Valencia 
C/ Menéndez y Pelayo frente nª 7
46110 Burjassot, Valencia (Spain) 
E-mail: / /

Contact information

Despacho 16090 – Centro de Postgrado
Universidad Católica de Valencia 
C/ Sagrado Corazón, 5
46110 Godella (Spain)