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Santoral: San Buenaventura
Santoral: San Buenaventura

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The educational tracks are consistent with different educational routes that are easily recognizable in the profession, particularly with the elective subjects contemplated by this curriculum.

The specialization routes or specialties are as follows:
a) Marketing and commercialization.
b) International business management.
c) Finance and management control.
d) Organization and Management of Businesses.

Marketing and commercialization Year  Sem   ECTS
ELEC1. Marketing Plan 3rd 1 Elec 6
ELEC2. Commercial Communication 3rd 2 Elec 6
ELEC3. Customer Relationship Management 4th 1 Elec 6
ELEC4. Product and Branding Management 4th 2 Elec 6
International Business Management Year  Sem   ECTS
ELEC2. Business Internationalization 3rd 2 Elec 6
ELEC3. Entrepreneurship and business initiative 4th 1 Elec 6
ELEC4. Business growth strategies 4th 2 Elec 6
ELEC5. Globalization and International Markets 4th 1 Elec 6
Finance and Management Control Year  Sem   ECTS
ELEC1. Spanish Financial System 3rd 1 Elec 6
ELEC2. Labor Management and Social Security 3rd 2 Elec 6
ELEC3. Planning and Financial Control 4th 1 Elec 6
ELEC4. Negotiation with financial institutions 4th 2 Elec 6
ELEC5. Stocks and Securities Markets 4th 2 Elec 6
Organization and Management of Businesses Year  Sem   ECTS
ELEC1. Quality and Environmental Management 3rd 1 Elec 6
ELEC2. Creativity and innovation management 3rd 2 Elec 6
ELEC3. Entrepreneurship and business initiative 4th 1 Elec 6
ELEC5. Corporate Social Liability 4th 2 Elec 6

Both the Bachelor’s Thesis and at least one of the subjects Practicum (I or II) will be related to the skills and the route chosen by the student, thereby strengthening the skills and contents worked on in the subjects that constitute the track.

Nevertheless, students may choose to get one or no track in the event that they choose alternative combinations of electives that allow them to take the entire set of 24 ECTS.