EBEN 32nd Annual Conference y XXVII Congreso EBEN España

The Enterprise at the service of Society in the 21st Century
La empresa al servicio de la sociedad


Tuesday 11th

10:00 Early registration desk
10:30  Doctoral Workshop Opening Session: Donna Hicks (special guest from Harvard University), Marjo Siltaoja (JSBE), Domènec Melé and President of the Conference
11:00 Doctoral Workshop (Coords Marjo Siltaoja (JSBE), José Félix Lozano (Étnor Foundation/UPV))
14:15 Lunch
Early registration desk
17:00. "Humanistic Management: Spanish branch launching meeting". Chair: Manuel Guillén
17:30: EBEN Spain Meeting

Wednesday 12th

10:00 Registration desk
10:30:  Congress Opening
- Opening words: UCV Rector, President of the Conference, EBEN Europe President, EBEN Spain President, UCV Great Chancellor
Opening keynote talks: 
11:00. Adela Cortina, University of Valencia.
11:45. Thomas Donaldson, University of Pennsylvania: "Management Theory and Social Welfare: Contributions, Extensions, and Challenges".
12.30: Parallel sessions
14:15  Lunch 
- ExCom EBEN Spain and Europe: lunch and meeting
15.30: Roundtable 1. "The digital framework and new challenges for CSR". 
- Wenceslao J. Gonzalez, University of La Coruña "Internet as a Framework of Business Ethics: Rationality and Responsibility".
- Agustín Domingo Moratalla,  University of Valencia: "Corporation and digital - swarm: possibilities and limits of a connection without communication"
- Tobias Goessling, Tillburg University: "Organizations outsmart people – about the ethical challenges of smart city solutions."
- José Alfredo Peris: "The need of a correct thought on human rights for a better contribution of the enterprise to the local, national and international common good".
16:45 Coffe break
17: 00 Parallel sessions
Michael Hoffmann: in  Memoriam (coord. Manuel Guillén)
17:45 Colloquium and presentation
"Handbook of Ethics in finance" (coordinated by José Luis Retolaza, Leire San-José, Luc Vanliedekerke; ed. Springer)
18:30 EBEN Europe Meeting

Thursday 13th

9.00: Parallel sessions
10:30 Roundtable 2. "Public institutions and finance as service: theory and practice". 
- Manuel Guillén Parra, University of: "University Academic Work: Just a Job or a Vocation of Service?". 
- Vicente Garrido: "The principle of good administration and governance in public contracting"
- Leire San-José, University of Basque Country. "Ethics in social accounting for stakeholders: theorizing practice towards service"
- Moderator: Francisco J. Lara
11:45: Coffee Break 
12:00: Parallel sessions 
13:30. Keynote talk: Domènec Melé, IESE Business School: "Humanistic Ethos for Managing Business in Society".
14:15 Lunch
15.30: Roundtable 3. "Economy and organizations: the ethical approach".
- Michael Aßländer, Technische Universität Dresden. "Subsidiarity and the Social Co-Responsibility of Corporations" 
- Jesús Ballesteros, Universidad de Valencia: "Oeconomica et pecuniae quaestiones"
- Pedro Francés-Gómez, University of Granada: "The role of business from the perspective of a contractarian approach to ethics"
16.45 Coffee break
17:00 City Tour 
20:00 Formal Dinner

Friday 14th

10:00 Parallel sessions
11:30. Corporate experts discussion
Guido Stein (IESE), Alfonso Zamorano (Aza Director), Salvador Navarro (CEV Director), Juan Carlos Cubeiro (Head of talent ManPower). Presented by María José Arrojo (Universidad A Coruña)
12:45  Closing keynote talk: Geoff Moore, Durham University: "Enterprise in the service of society: a critical perspective". 
13:45 Closing words: President of the Conference, Vicechancellor UCV
14:15 Lunch


From June 11th to 14th


Salón de Actos, Universidad Católica de Valencia
Sede de Santa Úrsula
Calle de Guillem de Castro, 94
46001 València