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Santoral: San Pedro apóstol; San Pablo apóstol
Santoral: San Pedro apóstol; San Pablo apóstol

Universidad Católica de Valencia

EBEN 32nd Annual Conference y XXVII Congreso EBEN España

The Enterprise at the service of Society in the 21st Century
La empresa al servicio de la sociedad



EBEN Annual Conference wishes to contribute to the field of Business Ethics, a unique academic field that, through multiple methodologies, aspires to contribute to addressing current challenges of our economic and social contexts.

This Conference takes place as an international and interdisciplinary academic event that aims at high standards of academic rigor and also at a deep impact on responsible business practices.

Under the event title "The enterprise at the service of society", this edition welcomes papers focused on the actual role of enterprises and public administrations as services (mainly regarding their ethical dimension and social responsibility) from a wide range of scientific perspectives: philosophy and theology, empirical social sciences, law and regulation, humanistic studies such as history and the arts, among others. The vocation of service is, self-evidently, rooted at the very core of the mere idea of public administration. Regarding the enterprise, at one time it was believed that assuring the profits for a firm was virtually the only responsibility of management, and all the firm's activities should be directed toward this goal. But in recent times it is accepted that, without diminishing the importance of the profit, the enterprise has a broader role and responsibility towards society in general. "Society" here includes all groups or individuals with whom the firm has relationships, including the employees, stock-holders, customers, the community in which the enterprise is located and the larger community in which the firm operates.

In that way the topics addressed in the EBEN sessions in Viena and Tillburg in 2018 are continued: the challenge to re-invent capitalism harmonizing business and ethical approach in order to offer a service to society. The chosen topic for this occasion is also consistent with EBEN core values: to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global market­place and to enable dialogue on the role of business in society. We expect to contribute to building a new vision of service that places the centrality of the human being at the core of the definition and practice of the public and private service, as well as the centrality of service for the integral development of societies.

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From June 11th to 14th


Salón de Actos, Universidad Católica de Valencia
Sede de Santa Úrsula
Calle de Guillem de Castro, 94
46001 València