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Santoral: San Buenaventura
Santoral: San Buenaventura

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GlobalMBA+ Programme

The GlobalMBA+ Programme (Master's Degree in Business Management in a Global Environment) offers professionals, middle managers and young executives the complete vision, skills and knowledge that a CEO or any of the members of a company's management committee should have.

The Global MBA in Valencia is the best master's programme in the Valencian Community to establish the bridge between a professional and his or her management career.

Why study Business Management in a Global Environment at UCV?

Its objective is to develop the knowledge and skills of the person for their training and to improve their employability in an international environment of continuous change. For this reason, it is a programme that enhances and improves the adaptability of the businessperson to the environment.

This master's degree in business management allows you to know an understand what is happening around you and to develop the correct attitude so that, on each occasion, as a manager, you can present your company with real options of value in the face of each of its different difficulties. The master's degree develops professionals who generate value in the companies and projects in which they participate.

For this reason, the teaching method is inductive and interactive. The main teaching tool is the case method and, in addition, the weekly meetings with entrepreneurs and professionals who are directly familiar with the reality of international business allows you to learn first-hand about the real needs of the economic world. Very practical approach, focused on the professional world and with a global vision of the company.

Weekly meetings with businesspeople and professionals. Shared and participative teamwork is the basis of the programme.



Teaching Starts: 01/10/2024
Teaching Ends: 11/06/2025


Mode and timetable

Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 16:00 to 21:00
Wednesdays 17:00- 19:00



Sede Trinitarios
Campus Valencia



7.500,00 €


First Year Modules
Module Semester Type ECTS
Management Skills Development Yearly OB 4,5
Operations Management in a Global Environment Yearly OB 6
Human Resources Management Yearly OB 4,5
Financial-Administrative management and Management Control Yearly OB 6
International Socio-Economic Environment Yearly OB 6
Business Strategy in a Globalised Environment Yearly OB 6
Ethics and Social Responsibility Yearly OB 3
Legal Framework for International Business Yearly OB 3
Global Marketing and Sales Management Yearly OB 6
Company Training Yearly PE 9
Master’s Dissertation Yearly TF 6
Total credits     60

Background information

1-. Acces requirements

In order to access the official Master's degree, it will be necessary to have an official Spanish university degree or a degree issued by a higher education institution of the European Higher Education Area.

The specific requirements for access to this degree are:

  • University graduates in any field of knowledge, although the recommended entry profile for students is as follows:
    1. Degree related to the field of business (business administration, economics, legal degrees, engineering and technical degrees).
    2. Having obtained the entrance qualification preferably within the last 5 years.
    3. Proven ability to perform well academically.
    4. Ability for work, effort and dedication.
    5. Ability for dialogue and teamwork.
    6. Interest in the world of business management.
    7. High level of commitment to the activity.
  • Those students who are studying a university degree that gives access to the master's degree and who still have to pass, at most, the Final Degree Project and no more than 9 additional credits. This student will not be able to obtain the master's degree if he/she has not previously obtained the Bachelor's degree. Enrolment will be conditional upon presentation of the degree certificate prior to the end of the first academic year of the master's degree.

Moreover, the master is also open to those:

  • Graduates from educational systems outside the European Higher Education Area without the need to have their degrees recognised, subject to verification by the University that they accredit a level of training equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish university degrees and that they are recognised in the country issuing the degree for access to postgraduate studies. Access by this route does not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous degree held by the interested party, nor its recognition for purposes other than that of studying for the master's degree.
    These students must present their university degree with the Hague Apostille stamp or a letter from their university certifying that their studies allow access to official master's degree courses.

The University reserves 5 percent of the places offered in this degree for students with a recognised degree of disability equal to or greater than 33 percent, as well as for students with permanent educational support needs associated with personal circumstances of disability, who in their previous studies have required resources and support for their full educational inclusion.

2-. Method of payment

Payment of the booking fee upon admission to the Master’s degree course.

  • European students: will make a first reservation payment of 20% of the Master’s degree course fee by bank card (if made at the Student Service Offices) or virtual POS. This amount will subsequently be deducted from the total cost of the master's degree.
    This payment must be made within 7 calendar days of receipt of the admission and link.
  • Students resident in a non-EU country: will make a first reservation payment of 50% of the price of the master's degree through the platform provided by the university for this purpose.
    The amount paid will subsequently be deducted from the total amount of the master's degree and its completion will be essential to obtain the letter of admission required to obtain the visa.
    This payment must be made within 7 calendar days following receipt of the admission letter and link.

The reservation fee will only be refunded if, once admitted, the student does not enrol for reasons not attributable to him/her.

Payment of the remaining fees of the Master’s degree.

  • The remaining balance of the master's degree will be paid by direct debit(s) to the European SEPA bank account indicated by the student in the enrolment form (*). Students may choose:
  • Single payment: one payment, benefiting from a 3% discount.
  • Payment in instalments: at the time of enrolment the student may choose the number of monthly payments up to a maximum of 10 instalments, which may not be less than €100. Payments will be due at the beginning of each month, starting at the beginning of the course.

(*) In the case of students residing in a non-EU country, the remaining amount of the Master's degree must be paid in the same currency and platform, through the student's intranet, before the month of February.

Learn more about the University’s Grants and Discounts

For any administration doubts, email

For academic doubts:

If you meet the entry requirements of the Master’s degree, please register and book here.


Discounts: Members and/or employees of the Valencia branch of COIICV and their family members up to the 1st degree of the latter 10%.

Discount amount: 10%

Basis on which it is applied: Price of the Master’s Degree Supporting document: Submit a certificate from the school of reference. None of the discounts mentioned in this document can be activated together with any other discount, except for "early payment", which can be applied cumulatively. The discounts will only be applicable for the academic year 2024-25, and will therefore have to be authorised again for subsequent academic years.

Access and admission

1-. Admission process

On 27 February, the master's degree registration period will open. You can register for the process on the website or through the New Students offices.

You can participate in the admission process as follows:

1. Enter your details in the registration form.

2. Upload the documentation requested for the process. You will receive an e-mail with the access codes and the student profile form. You will have to fill it in and upload it, together with your documents, in the following route:>Perfil Alumnos>Intranet>Departamentos> Secretaría>Documentación Proceso Selección

2-. Required documents

  • Access qualification (only in the case of having completed the studies that give access to the degree).
  • Official Transcript of Records (as up to date as possible, with grade point average on a scale of 0-10).
  • Official certificate of English language proficiency (not a prerequisite for admission to the degree, but a positive value).
  • Valid national identity card (DNI), NIE or passport printed on both sides.

3-. Deadlines for admission

  • From 27 February, a weekly admission process will be carried out with the applications received, until all the places for the degree are taken.
  • Applicants will be notified of the result on the Tuesday following the registration (except in holiday or vacation periods).

4-. Evaluation of applications

If necessary, the Academic Coordination Committee made up of the Dean of the Faculty, who will act as President, the Directors of the Master's Degree, the Secretary of the Faculty and the Technical Secretary will assess the following elements:

  • Qualifications close to the needs of the company: score up to 15 points.
  • Proven ability to perform well academically: weighting up to 40 points.
  • Proficiency of the English language: up to 25 points (it is not a prerequisite for access to the degree, but it is positively valued).
  • Personal interview: weighting up to 25 points.

5-. Book your spot

Once you have been admitted, you will need to follow the following steps to make your reservation:

1. You will receive an admission email with the link to the payment gateway to pay 20% of the master's degree price, as a reservation, within a maximum period of 7 calendar days from the receipt of the email. The reservation will not become effective until the payment has been made, which will then be deducted from the total price of the master's degree.

2. Residents from outside the European Community must pay 50% of the price of the degree as a reservation fee, through the platform provided by the University for this purpose. This payment will be essential to obtain the admission letter and will be deducted from the total amount of the master's degree.

3. Once the payment has been made, you will receive an email to the email address indicated in the registration form with the booking confirmation. This email will contain the date of enrolment:

  • Check on your intranet to ensure that the documents required for registration that you have provided to date are still valid.
  • If you do not yet have your degree or degree deposit, the official transcript of records available to date must be included. If you already have your degree, you must upload it to your intranet.> Perfil Alumnos > Intranet > Departamentos > Secretaría >Matrícula online
  • Indicate a SEPA bank account number (SEPA area residents only).
  • Formalise your enrolment*. (You have 5 calendar days from the date indicated on your booking receipt)

* Enrolment will be temporary until the academic secretary's office checks your access and certifies that you meet the requirements of the master's degree.

Once your booking has been made, you will receive instructions on how to register.

For any administration doubts, email

For any academic doubts:

Documents and deadlines

If you meet the access requirements of the degree and you have completed your access and admission to the degree, here is the information for your registration.


After completing:

1. Admission to the degree.

2. Payment of reservation.

3. Uploaded the requested documentation and the registered SEPA order (only for European applicants).

You will have 5 calendar days from the date indicated on your booking voucher to register on your intranet via the following route (Ruta: UCV.ES > Perfil Alumnos > Intranet > Departamentos > Secretaría >Matrícula online)

Once you have enrolled you will receive your registration receipt in which you can consult the conditions of enrolment and the dates and amounts of the monthly payments.

Enrolment will be conditional until the academic secretary's office checks your access documentation and certifies that you meet the requirements of the master's degree.

This documentation can be submitted for consideration in the following ways *:

  • In person at any University secretary's office, presenting the original of your degree or proof of your degree.
  • By sending certified documents to the General Secretariat (C/ Sagrado Corazón, nº 5 - 46110 - Godella)
  • By sending by e-mail to the downloadable document of "my university degrees" at the following address

* Membership number (this will be used to check access, not the academic record or other additional documentation).

To be noted:

UCV students who have a degree with a verification code or who download their degree at do not need to send it for consideration.

Degrees from outside the European Higher Education Area must be apostilled or accompanied by a letter from their university of origin certifying that their studies allow access to Master's studies..

In the event that a student has pending the TFG and up to 9 credits of the degree that gives access to the degree, he/she must provide a recent official transcript and the current registration of the pending credits, during the admission process. With these documents, students may proceed with their enrolment on the condition that they present the degree certificate before the end of the first academic year of the master's degree.

If the student does not formalise the enrolment within the established deadlines, the reservation fee will not be refunded, unless he/she can justify that this is not attributable to him/her.

Any irregularity detected in the documentation, at the time of comparison, will result in the loss of the place.

For any administration doubts, email

For any academic doubts:

Bachelor's Thesis

The Bachelor's Thesis is carried out in the final year of the degree, and it is an indispensable requirement in order to earn the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management. By carrying out the thesis, the student puts into practice the knowledge acquired in the coursework phase of the degree. The reflection in a practical manner of the skills and abilities that have been developed in the previous years is one of its main goals. In a general manner, the thesis must empower the student for the search, management, organization and interpretation of relevant data in the areas of economics and business. It must also allow them to make judgments that include reflection on relevant social, scientific, technological or ethical issues which facilitate the development of critical thinking as well as logical and creative judgment.

Bachelor’s Thesis 12 Bachelor’s Thesis 12 Bachelor’s Thesis 12 4 2

In carrying out the thesis, the student takes the final step in his or her insertion into the job market or into higher studies. To that end, the student will count on the assistance of a professor-adviser who will guide him or her throughout the course. With an original paper the student has to prove that he or she is able to tackle a complex topic in a rigorous, synthetic manner. The student will have the opportunity to submit and defend his or her thesis in front of a committee of professors.

In the thesis the student puts into practice the knowledge acquired in the different subjects he or she has taken in the degree. The student will carry out research related to any of the topics studied in the degree which will be in line with the research and study lines of the School of Economics and Business. The different areas and/or specific projects will be announced on the Virtual Campus UCVnet so that students can choose on which area or areas they will write their thesis along with the directors available in each area. The students will be able to propose alternative topics as long as they are approved by the professor in charge of coordinating the subject.

Examples of Bachelor's Thesis (among others):

Research papers such as the behavior of consumers in relation to a specific product or general market studies of a product or of countries, markets and financing instruments or others that can be proposed and accepted by the academic commission in charge of the Bachelor's Thesis.

Students may develop projects focusing on the Creation of a Business (business plan) or business expansion such as international expansion, vertical integration, mergers or acquisition and integration of organizations.

The proposals of Bachelor's Thesis can be related to the elaboration of projects related to the organizations where the student carries out the practicum with prior authorization from the business and being supervised by an adviser from the business and an adviser chosen from the teaching staff that teaches the degree.

The relationship between the director and the student is based on mutual trust, understanding and empathy. Following the director’s guidance, the student is responsible for adequately reflecting the knowledge, methods and tools acquired during the degree and will be assessed on them. In order to facilitate the flow of work, the following basic functions are included.

The student’s responsibilities are to:

  • Adequately elaborate on the topic that is being studied
  • Define the work roles (in the case of teams)
  • Apply the most appropriate methodology as a function of the topic being studied
  • Search for and review the relevant sources of information for the thesis including the subjects assimilated throughout the degree
  • According to the type of study, to carry out the field work, surveys, market research, financial analysis as well as economic and empirical research.
  • Attend and participate in the work sessions with the adviser
  • Make any changes the adviser deems appropriate
  • Write and review the written report
  • Submit and defend the thesis orally

The adviser’s functions are to:

  • Define the topic of study and the goals of the thesis
  • Provide guidance on the methodology
  • Point students to the main sources of information
  • Facilitate conflict resolution
  • Keep a record of attendance and participation in the work sessions
  • Follow up on the fulfillment of the programmed goals
  • Validate that the thesis meets the minimum requirements to be defended.
  • Write a report on the students' work which may be assessed by the committee according to the assessment criteria for the thesis
  • Attend the oral defense of the thesis.
  • Participate as a committee member in the defense of other theses.

The coordinator of the subject will be responsible for:

  • Providing information regarding deadlines and requirements
  • Coordinating workshops with the orientation service in the event that they are necessary
  • Organization of the committees and defense sessions
  • Guide students on possible topics for the thesis

The elaboration of the thesis is subject, in any case, to the general UCV regulations thereof.

As a result of the work undertaken, the student will craft a written document by way of a report of the work done in the thesis. It will be published on the Virtual Campus with the director’s approval.

The adviser will write a report assessing the students' work that may be assessed by the committee according to the assessment system for the thesis. In this report, the director will confirm that the thesis has been done under his or her supervision along with the assessment of active participation in the three work sessions.

Once completed, the thesis will have to be submitted and defended in a public presentation before a committee of professors. The thesis commission will assign the committee members by selecting teaching staff with teaching in the degree. When the circumstances so require, the committee may be constituted by professionals with experience in the field of study of the thesis.

Students will have 10 minutes to carry out a presentation with the aid of the materials they deem appropriate. They will have to present the goals, methodology, results, content and conclusions of their thesis. They will later answer questions that may be posed by the Committee members. After the presentation, the committee will have 5 minutes to ask questions or to request clarifications and make comments and suggestions.

Students will have five additional minutes to make appropriate clarifications to the committee. The committee will take into consideration both the written document and the presentation made by the student according to the assessment criteria in the teaching guide for the Bachelor’s Thesis.

For the purpose of measuring the acquisition of the skills of the course through the learning outcomes defined previously, an Assessment System has been designed which is presented next.  
The committee will take into account the written paper, the presentation and defense as well as the adviser's report in the percentages that are reflected next.  
The Guide of the subject shows the assessment criteria for the subject and the assessment criteria for both the presentation and the defense of the written work.  
Assessment instrument Allocated percentage
Adviser's report as well as records of follow-up of participation in and attendance at proposed activities. 10%
Assessment of the thesis (form, quality and originality) 50%
Defense of the thesis before the committee 40%

Submission of Bachelor’s Thesis

1   In-person session: The Bachelor’s Thesis and its possible alternatives October
2 Elaboration of the Bachelor’s Thesis proposal October
3 Posting of topics and assigned advisers November
3 Seminars and conferences throughout the year
4 Direction of the Bachelor’s Thesis throughout the year
5 Preliminary report December
6   Oral defense  June and July