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University teaching

Ecology, marine biology and fisheries management: the main field of research focuses on the study of benthic fauna, marine communities, local fisheries and species used as bioindicators (Water Framework Directive and intercalibrations, environmental impact assessment, monitoring marine outfalls, port expansions, utilisation of benthic organisms to study paleoecology and paleoclimatology, etc).

Marine biotechnology: studies of photonic materials based on microalgae.

Physical oceanography and marine geology: studies focused on the physical and geological processes in the marine environment. They focus mainly on coastal oceanography, coastal sedimentary processes and geomorphological evolution of the littoral and the continental shelf, as well as natural hazards in the coastal zone.

Chemical oceanography and environment: determination of the water quality standards in the marine ecosystem. Prediction of the evolution of waste water plumes and dispersion of pollutant (submerged outfalls or superficial discharges). Development of green methods for the extraction and analysis of pollutants in marine matrix.

Coastal management: integrated coastal management studies (oceanographic, biological, environmental, social, economic and educational aspects, etc.) for the sustainable use of the coastal environment.

Aquaculture and aquatic health: Sanitary evaluation of the intensive culture of Arapaima gigas. Reproduction, larvae rearing and fish growth in enclosed circuits of this species. Sustainability of European eel (Anguilla anguilla).

Educational and academic training: education for the public, schools and educative institutions of all levels. Teaching to employees of companies related to the study of the marine environment and its resources. Development of educational material for academic centres. Summer school