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Active projects

  • Project CAMEG

    project code: CIGE2023/142

    16 de febrero de 2024

    The metropolitan area of Valencia, located in the Gulf of Valencia, is the most populated area of the Valencian Community. Its coasts present serious pollution problems, derived from urban and industrial discharges resulting from intense human and industrial activity. This problem requires......

  • #ActForChange

    Citizen participation and environmental awareness regarding the oceans and the climate change.

    07 de noviembre de 2023

    Description: The purpose of the AEIF-funded project #ActFor Change is to disseminate the U.S. government’s message on oceans and climate change via a series of activities like coastal cleanups, underwater cleanups, debris workshops, film screenings, debates, and an international......

  • LIFE Pinnarca

    Protection and restoration of Pinna nobilis populations as a response to the catastrophic pandemic started in 2016.

    01 de marzo de 2023
    LIFE Pinnarca

    Funding code: LIFE20-NAT/ES/001265 Description: The main objective of the project is to put into practice mitigation measures that prevent the total extinction of Pinna nobilis in the short-medium term. The disease affecting the fan mussel is expected to devastate nearly all the remaining......

  • Ecohormigón

    Eco-concrete for artificial reefs and other maritime infrastructures

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Funding code: INNEST/2022/261 Description: This project is a continuation of a previous project also developed by UPV, UCV and RVM and financed by AVI in the years 20210-2021 for the development of sustainable concrete maritime infrastructures to promote the growth of flora and fauna (LIVING......


    Filtration of microplastics according to the capture model in Mediterranean marine organisms.

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Description: The objective of the project is to investigate the feeding apparatus of certain Mediterranean marine species, such as the basking shark or devil ray, through physical and virtual simulations to understand the hydrodynamic mechanisms that provide the animals’ very high......


    Project GVA-ThinkInAzul: Oceanographic and benthos monitoring in the coasts of the Valencian Community

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Funding code: GVA-THINKINAZUL/2021/033  Description: The GVA-ThinKInAzul Project, with funding of 10 million euros, is the first of the eight thematic areas of the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Program that has been initiated in the Valencian Community within the framework......

  • Licitacion: CMAYOR/2021/07Y03/197

    Study of the reproductive characteristics of the octopus (Octopus vulgaris) in the waters of the Valencian Community

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Funding code: CMAYOR/2021/07Y03/197 Description: This project is an effort to explore the reproductive characteristics of the octopus (Octopus vulgaris) at different points on the coast of the Valencian Community in order to establish the closed periods for artisanal octopus fishing, as well......

  • Licitacion: CMAYOR/2021/07Y03/52

    Scientific monitoring of the Marine Reserves of fishing interest of the Valencian Community: Marine reserve of fishing interest of the Sierra de Irta

    01 de marzo de 2023

      Funding code: CMAYOR/2021/07Y03/52 Description: Marine Reserves of Fishing Interest (RRMMIP) such as the Sierra de Irta, serve as breeding grounds for different species of fish and invertebrates, favoring the maintenance of their populations. They also represent excellent......