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Sea school

School group visits and summer school 

Introduction to Biological Oceanography 

This course is an introduction to the characteristics of the marine environment, its composition and formation, the importance of the oceans on the planet as thermal regulators and energy carriers. Coastal management and the effects that global change has on its waters. 


Concepts of Ocenography, Concepts of Marine Biology and Ecology, Concepts of Marine Climatology, Global and Mediterranean Sea Circulation Patterns, Global Change, Overview of Coastal Management, Marine Invertebrates, Identification of Marine Communities, Benthic Sampling Methods and Introduction to the study plankton. 

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Underwater trail

Discover the underwater trail of Cala el Racó, this small cove houses great biodiversity under its waters. Here it is easy to distinguish a wide variety of the most significant marine species and communities of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Check the route and the most outstanding marine species of this marine trail 

Inauguration of the Adapted Underwater trail of the UCV in Calp with the Asindown Foundation