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List of services

R+D offer

  • IMEDMAR Installations are offered as an R+D platform for small companies.
  • Laboratories and installations may be hired by educational institutions for ad-hoc laboratory teaching.

Teaching and divulgation

  • Development of environmental education workshops and conferences for different levels.
  • Development of combined activities with aquatic sport companies and other companies such as hotels. We offer consultancy for the preparation of training activities in biology and marine ecology.
  • Sea school and summer School.
  • Development and installation of underwater trails: subaquatic guides equipped with waterproof panels showing the local species and marine communities. Complementary promotional activities.

Marine Biology

  • Environmental impact assessment studies.
  • Studies of Water Framework Directive and impact index.
  • Development of biotic index.
  • Ecological monitoring of artificial reefs.
  • Marine habitat restoration.
  • Research on endangered species and marine communities (e.g. Pinna nobilis and Posidonia oceanica), benthic invertebrates (polychaetes, amphipods, molluscs, echinoderms, etc).
  • Taxonomic identification of marine organisms for biodiversity lists and databases.
  • Ecological studies and control of fish farms.
  • Design and development of aquaculture projects.
  • Fisheries studies.
  • Modelling, analysis and production of photonic nanostructures based on diatom algae.

Physical oceanography

  • Coastal hydrodynamics.
  • Coastal inundation.
  • Comprehensive coastal studies from a geomorphologic perspective.
  • Coastal monitoring.
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstructions and its relationship with sea level variation.
  • Paleogeographic studies.
  • Coastal management and land uses.
  • Landscape studies.
  • Technical studies for the development of high resolution topographic and bathymetric projects (DGPS, echo-sounders) in littoral systems.
  • Morphodynamic evolution of beaches.
  • Topographical monitoring of beaches, study of volume variation and dune, beach and other coastal system geomorphology.
  • Morphodynamics and stratigraphy of the continental shelf.
  • Marine climate studies, wind and wave regimes.
  • Characterisation of water masses and currents.
  • Seabed “facies” cartography.
  • Dredge sediment sampling (Van Veen, Haps, Holme Macintyre, etc). Textural and sediment composition analysis.

Water and sediment analysis

  • Oceanographic characterisation of the coastal environment (physicochemical parameters) both in the water column and the sediment.
  • Water quality analysis (physicochemistry and microbiology).
  • Pollutant analysis (heavy metals).