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Completed projects


    Maritima - Islands of Mediterranean: European international project coordinated by the Group: Creation of a clear image of each island as a unique cultural and ecological system, to stimulate the conservation of cultural heritage and the development of contemporary art on the islands.

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Funding code: 101055734 Description: MARLANDS is a community of contemporary artists and researchers united to address cultural and ecological issues across the Mediterranean islands. This project aims to implement collaborations between arts and sciences to raise awareness across Europe......

  • NeuPinna

    Use of reproductive neuropeptides to induce gonadal maturation and laying of Pinna nobilis and P. rudis in captive conditions.

    01 de marzo de 2023

    Description: The Institute for Research in Environment and Marine Science (IMEDMAR-UCV) of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) works on the NEUPINNA project funded by the Biodiversity Foundation F.S.P., on a competitive basis, for the conservation of marine biodiversity in Spain 2020 with......