Installations and Equipment | IMEDMAR - UCV

Installations and Equipment

  • 2 laboratories of 90 m2 each.
  • Wet lab of 80 m2 contiguous to the fishing harbor
  • Multi-purpose room.
  • Installations and gear for management and production of aquatic animals.

Main instumentation

  • Oceanographic sampling equipment (CTD probe, wave sensor, doppler current meter, HAPS core, Holme Mcintyre and Van Veen dredges, plankton net as well as scuba diving gear).
  • Material to handle invertebrates, fish and microbiological samples.
  • Equipment for topographic studies.
  • Material to develop sclerochronological studies (diamond blade saw, a low‐speed saw and a plate for polishing).
  • Furthermore we count with the support of the Installations at the University in Valencia for the development of conferences, courses and seminars.