The First International Congress of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences "Current and Future Challenges of Physical Activity and Sport", will be held in the city of Torrent, Valencia (Spain), from 24 to 26 January 2019.

This congress will gather national and international presentations related to the 4 traditional thematic areas of the Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (Performance Analysis & Training, Prospects for the future in the physical-sports health, Sports Management and Sustainability, and Challenges of Physical Education). However, two very current areas of great importance to the sector will be included in this event, namely, disability and inclusion, and ICT in Education and Sport.

Our PASS (CAFD) 2019 Congress, aims to provide an open range of transversal work of Physical Activity and Sport, where the competences of each area involved, are presented and defended, and at the same time, pretending that it is a forum where the ideas and new experiences of the participants help us to the new developments within our degree, which we know that contributes a lot to the current society, both physically, psychologically, and socially.

Regarding the internationality of the event, we believe it is necessary to share and contribute to forums and joint research for greater cooperation and collaboration in favor of the practice of physical-sporting activity as a global improvement of the person. We think it is a good time to review and compare internationally the professions derived from our degree.

We hope to see you next January 2019 in Torrent, Valencia!


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24 to 26 January 2019


Campus de Torrent
Sede de La Inmaculada

Dirección: C/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 14.
Torrent, 46900

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