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First International Congress of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Current and Future Challenges of Physical Activity and Sport
24 to 26 January 2019


M. Teresa Anguera

Professor of Behavioural Sciences Methodology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Barcelona. Law Degree and Doctor in Psychology.

Her research activity has always been focused on two lines of work, which are both Observational Methodology and Program Evaluation Designs. She has participated in 28 competitive research projects subsidized by the Administration, being a principal researcher in most of them. He has made research stays in Chile, Colombia, the United States, Mexico and Portugal.

Nationally and internationally she has been part of research evaluation committees, journal-writing committees, and takes part in several scientific societies. She has 7 years of research and has made numerous publications in Spain and abroad.

Francisco Javier Borrás Rocher

Degree in Physical Education from the University of Valencia. Professor since 2000, he has worked in the following institutes: Mislata,  IES Músic Martín y Soler, Sección IES Federica Montseny-Centro de Reeducación Colonia San Vicente Ferrer, El Puig, el IES Rascanya-Antonio Cañuelo, IES Peset Aleixandre de Paterna y actually in IES Conselleria.
He has held various positions, such as Head of Studies, Director of the Institute and as a pedagogical-educational advisor.

In the 2008 academic year, together with a group of friends, teachers created the blog UllEsportiu and the YouTube channel UllEsportiu, obtaining various prizes, in 2009 the 3rd prize of the Espiral Association as the best collective blog, in 2010 a prize of the General Direction of Educational Technological Innovation for the work "Introduction to volleyball".

And in 2017 he is a Finalist in the category of Professional Training, of "Best teacher in Spain" in the Educa Abanca Awards.

Christoph Breuer

Dr. Christoph Breuer is a full professor at the German Sport University Cologne (Institute of Sport Economics and Sports Management). From 2006 to 2011 he was simultaneously Professor of Research at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin). In addition, he is vice president of the German Sport University, responsible for resources, planning and quality management.

Patricia Ramírez

Degree in Psychology, Master in clinical and health psychology and doctorate in the Department of personality, evaluation and psychological treatment of the University of Granada.

Co-director of the Master of Psychology and Sports Coaching of the UCAM (Catholic University of Murcia).

Named the most influential psychologist in Spain with 106 thousand followers in Twitter and 31 thousand followers on Instagram.

Author of several books of applied psychology and lecturer in various national and international events.

Collaborator in different television programs, written press and radio (TVE, COPE, El País, Marca ...)

Psychologist in different football teams of the first division (Real Betis Balompié, RCDE Mallorca) and different individual, national and international athletes, such as Paquillo Fernández and Diego Ruíz.

Jerónimo García Fernández

He is teacher. The research activity of the speaker is focused on the analysis of consumer and internal customer perception in sports organizations, management of fitness centres, customer loyalty and analysis of professional profiles linked to the sector. Precisely, he has published in journals indexed in the SCI or SSCI as "Universitas Psychologica", "Journal of Sport Psychology", "South African Journal for Research in Sport, Physical Education and Recreation", "International Journal of Medicine and Science of the Physical Activity and Sports "or" Movement ", all of them with an impact factor ISI-JCR. He has also been the author of works in journals indexed in Latindex, SCOPUS, DICE or IN-RECS such as "Suma Psicológica", "Challenges, New Trends in Physical Education, Sports and Recreation", "Journal of Human Sport & Exercise", "International Journal of Sports Law and Management", "Writings of Psychology" or "Spanish Journal of Physical Education and Sports". On the other hand, having published in magazines of national circulation and with high professional diffusion as "Sports Facilities TODAY", "Body Life", or "Gym Factory", this has allowed him to contact suppliers and companies, which has had repercussions in offering practical implications from the research and having been editor and author of books related to sports management. At the same time, he has participated in the most prestigious conferences at national and international level, contributing in all of them works in the form of invited presentations, oral communications and posters, which has allowed exchanging information with other professionals, and that has led in some cases to create interdisciplinary and interuniversity work networks.

Continuing with the field of research, he has participated leading and collaborating in research projects with both the public administration and private entities, most of them being responsible for its constitution and subsequent development, helping to link research to the company, delivering and doing parallel technical reports and talks to professionals. Similarly, having made the research stay at the prestigious University of the United States "State University of New York, Cortland" and "Universidad do Algarve" in Portugal,  he helped to establish links with researchers and teachers, which is translating in inter-university agreements and in the publication of research papers. Finally, having published in indexed journals and a clear line of research in sports management, has allowed him to be part of the review committee of journals indexed in national and international databases and to have been director of two doctoral theses, which impacts on greater knowledge of the current lines of work and research.

David Monkhouse

David has been part of the sector since 1983, working for different types of organizations in different roles throughout the country. He is a collegiate member of CIMSPA and has just completed the first International MBA in Sports Management at the University of Loughborough. His previous employment history has given him a clear vision of health and safety, human resources, customer experience and quality management. This provides the competence to help organizations move from a strategy to operational training and development.

Víctor Segura

He has a degree on Education (Physical Education) and a degree on Science in Physical Activity and Sports. He completed a Master in Research in Physical Activity and Health and obtained his European PhD in Biomedicine in 2014 with a Cum-Laude as qualification.

He has participated in more than a dozen research projects. He was the principal investigator of a project funded by the University of Granada in 2015.

He has published more than 50 articles in scientific journals, all indexed in the Journal of Citation Report (JCR). Its cumulative impact index is 140.56 (Minimum-maximum: 1.52-8.95). Of these JCR publications, more than 90% belong to journals in the first or second page. His index H to date is 14 and his works have more than 450 citations (academic Google source).

He has received a research award for the publication of scientific papers in the International Journal of Sports Medicine (yes: 2.37) and the best award for the master's thesis of his promotion. He also received, along with other colleagues, the NAOS Strategy Award from the Ministry of Health as the best school health research project for the "PREVIENE" project and the First European Prize in the Treatment of Chronic Pain "European Prize on Pain Chronic "for the project" AL-ÁNDALUS "in patients with fibromyalgia.

His research interests are framed in the areas of physical activity and physical exercise as tools for the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases and to improve the health and quality of life in diverse populations.

Aija Klavina
Academy of Sport Education of Latvia, Universidad de Riga

Dr. Aija Klavina is a tenured professor and principal investigator at the Academy of Sport Education of Latvia. PhD in education from the University of Virginia, USA. Currently elected President of the European Federation in Adapted Physical Activity (EUFAPA), since 2012 she is a member of the Board of the Latvian Association of Physiotherapy, since 2003 she is a member of the Latvian Paralympic Committee and since 1993 is the head of the board of the Latvian Sports Federation of Children and Youth with Disabilities (currently responsible for 28 member organizations with around 600 members). In 2011 he received the Young Professional Award, by the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity. He is currently part of the board of editors of: European Journal in Adapted Physical Activity; Palaestra, Adapted Sport, Physical Education, and Recreation Therapy; Acta Gymnica; The Asian Journal of Exercise and Sports Science (AJESS); Scientific board of the journal of advances of Rehabilitation. She is and has been responsible in several projects financed by European aid and author of numerous publications abroad.

Jim D. Richards
Professor of Biomechanics and research lead for Allied Health Research unit at University of Central Lancashire

Professor of Biomechanics and "Development Leader" of the "Allied Health Research" unit of the Central University of Lancashire. The work of Richards encompasses a broad discipline in which the clinical application of biomechanics converges, the development of new assessment tools in chronic diseases, as well as the promotion of new evidence for clinical management and rehabilitation. He has been an external PhD examiner in a total of 13 occasions and in different universities such as the "Bond University" of Australia or the "Nanyang Technological University" of Singapore.

He presents a great research activity, reflected in numerous research and funding grants during the period 2003-2017, being the most recent lines: the multidisciplinary approach for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, the therapeutic pressure in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries or Comparison of conservative management methods for the knee.

He is currently a reviewer of a total of 23 high impact scientific journals dealing with different areas of research. Some of them are: "Journal of Biomechanics", "PLOS one", "Human Movement Science" and "Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise". It should be noted that this activity presents a prize for an outstanding contribution to the review of "The Knee".

It presents a total of 14 contributions to books and book chapters from 1999 to 2018 and more than 100 publications in scientific journals. Its number of citations is 1524, the h-index of 22, i10-index of 36 and its "research gate score" amounts to 41.42.

From 2008 to the present, he has been invited as a speaker to more than 100 prestigious international conferences and seminars held in different parts of the world, such as Korea, India, Belgium or Finland. In addition, he has contributed with the contribution of more than 60 "conference papers".

In the period between the years 2000-2013 he has been a participant in some media such as BBC Radio.

Juan Fernández López
Sociedad Española de Nutrición Deportiva

Doctorate from the University of Córdoba, he dedicated his research in the field of diet-exercise interaction and in the metabolic and bimolecular effect of different dietary patterns on cardio metabolic risk at the Maimónides Institute of Biomedical Research of Córdoba. During this period he coordinated different subsidized projects and achieved an important scientific production with articles published in different indexed international journals, as well as book chapters in the specialty area. He also directed several final works of Master and Doctoral Theses on the subject.

Currently his professional activity is focused on the assistance in the field of high performance sports nutrition and on leading a leading company in Andalucía dedicated to clinical and sports nutrition. In addition, having recently completed a training on implementation of the model "Low FODMAP diet" in functional intestinal pathology through the University of Monash - Australia, his contribution to the field of sports nutrition is not only limited to performance, but also to the treatment and management of the digestive health of the athlete

He is the president of the Spanish Society of Sports Nutrition (S.E.Nu.De.), which is a scientific-professional entity, non-profit, which brings together specialists in the field of sports nutrition in Spain.

He has been a teacher in several editions of the annual post-degree on Nutrition in Sports, organized by the Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde of Lisbon, invited professor in several Masters linked to health, nutrition and sports in Spanish universities and for the next course has started a new project with the Open University of Catalonia to be one of the collaborating teachers / advisers in the Master's Degree in Food in Physical Activity and Sport: Food in Physical Activity and Sports taught by the university.

M. Mercedes Marqués Andrés

Doctorate in Computer Science from the Universitat Jaume I de Castelló

She is part of the HPC & A research group (http://www.hpca.uji.es). Whose line of research within the group is framed in the resolution of problems of dense linear algebra of great dimension on different architectures such as clusters of personal computers, multi-core architectures or graphic processors.

Currently, she finds herself performing small research works in education leading a group of educational innovation at the university and collaborates in the program of permanent training of the same faculty. She received the prize for university teaching excellence from the Social Council of the Jaume I University in the 2010/2011 academic years.

Lucía Esther Quintero

She has a doctorate in Education, degree in Physical Education, a Master's Degree in Educational Technology, Superior Technique in Animation of Physical and Sports Activities, and a doctorate in gender equality and an international prize in gamification.

Share and disseminate, to help confront the teaching profession, from constant innovation, active methodologies and the use of ICT.

She is Vice President of COLEFCanarias.

Winner of the international prize in gamification, by the Alfas-CIVE'17 Association, with the contribution "Static versus dynamic gamification: a classroom experience through a playful pedagogy." ExpandEF ".

Francisco Javier Vázquez Ramos

Doctor at the University of Seville, he also holds a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences (University of Granada) and a diploma in Educational Sciences specializing in Physical Education (University of Seville, CEU San Pablo) and national Volleyball coach.

He is currently a teacher of Physical Education in the Ministry of Andalusia and components of the research group: Sports and Society: Physical-Sports Activity from a Multidisciplinary Perspective.

He has created the digital training platform "The Value of Physical Education". In 2015 he obtained the VI Award for Best Professional Practice of Innovative Character 2015, awarded by the Illustrious Official College of Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences of Andalusia.

Domingo Blázquez Sánchez

Professor at the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia. Center of Barcelona.

Professor of "Didactics of Physical Education and Sports" from the 1976 course to the present.

He holds a PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona, ​​a degree in Physical Education from the INEF, a diploma from the INSEP in Paris and "Maitrise and D.E.A." in "Sociologie Fondamentale" by the University of Paris VII.

He has received the Thulin FIEP Europe 2011 award and the extraordinary professor award from the National Villa Maria University of Argentina.

Among his publications, it is worth mentioning;

  • How to evaluate well Physical Education. The approach to formative evaluation. Publisher: INDE Publications, Barcelona. Year: 2017   
  • Teaching methods in Physical Education. Innovative approaches for teaching skills. Publisher: INDE Publications, Barcelona. Year: 2016
  • Ten teaching skills to be a better teacher of Physical Education. Publisher: INDE Publications, Barcelona. Year 2013
  • How to form a good sportsman. A model based on competencies. Publisher: INDE Publications, Barcelona. Year 2012
  • Teach by competences in Physical Education. Publisher: INDE Publications, Barcelona. Year 2009.
Boro Štrumbel

Dr. Boro Štrumbelj is an associate professor at the Faculty of Sports of the University of Ljubljana. For three years he was evaluator of Erasmus + sports projects for the EACEA within the European commission. He is also a member of the EU expert group on Integrity in Sport. From 2010 to 2012 he was a member of the Council of Sports Experts of the Slovenian government as well as its president. He also acted as a member of the Expert Council of the Paralympic Committee and a member of the Elite Sports Council in the Slovenian Olympic Committee. In his professional career, he was also the coach of the Slovenian swimming Paralympic team and a member of the Expert Council of the Slovenian Swimming Federation.

He has participated in several European projects mainly with the aim of promoting and developing physical activities for elderly or disabled people.

He has been an invited professor at several scientific conferences and seminars, mainly in the field of swimming activities.

He is the author or co-author of several scientific works mainly in the field of swimming and training theory. In the field of physical activities that improve health, he is the co-author of a book on aquatic physical activities and another on the promotion of physical activities for the entire population. He is the author of professional training programs in Slovenia for coaches of the elderly or disabled people.

Miguel Fernández del Olmo

Miguel Fernández del Olmo is a PhD in Physical Education and a professor in the Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Education at the University of A Coruña and is currently on a service commission at the Rey Juan Carlos University. He has been a Postdoctoral Researcher in several international universities such as, for example, two years in the Institute of Neurology at University College of London and a year and a half in the Psychology Department of The University of California, Berkeley. During those years he has been trained in the field of motor control and in the neurophysiology of human movement. His main lines of research are: i) Functional improvement in Parkinson's disease, having obtained several national and international awards as a result of his studies; ii) Techniques of non-invasive brain stimulation applied to learning and motor control; and iii) Study of the nervous factors involved in the production of muscle strength. He has published more than 80 JCR articles and obtained more than 700,000 euros as a principal investigator in national projects.

Fabián Rivera

Degree in Science in the Physical Activity and Sports, and University Professor in Physical Education, he has also completed several training courses such as: Master's Degree in Sports Performance, Master's Degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health, Master's Degree in Analysis and Correction of the Movement and Master's Degree in Sports Management.

He coordinates the sport and health unit of the Hospital Park (Tenerife) and is a member of the multidisciplinary team of the overweight and obesity unit, as well as the sports performance analysis laboratory of the Hospital Park (Tenerife). His career is currently running to develop a project aimed at research on the prescription of specific physical activity in overweight and obese people, as well as to deepen the physical activity for people with various pathologies.

He has participated in several national and international congresses, as well as in various programs and workshops exposing his research in the area of ​​physical activity.

Tao Martínez Lorite

Degree of Science in Physical Activity and Sports at the Catholic University of San Antonio de Murcia and Central University of Lancashire, Master's Degree in Teacher Training and Sports Technician of the Intermediate Level of Soccer (Level II).

He currently divides his time between being a professor at the Higher Institute of Vocational Training San Antonio of the Faculty of Sports of the UCAM in the degrees of TAFAD and TEAS, in subjects such as Methodology of the teaching of physical activity, Physical-sports activities of equipment o Physical activity for people with disabilities. At the same time he is the director of strategy and development of UCAM eSports, as well as the Secretary of the International Chair of eSports. Pioneering project in the area that focuses on research and training  to professionalize the sector. Also part of Training Gamers Electronic Sports, start up dedicated to the activation and management of projects in eSports created in 2015, as project manager.

Mario 'Motroco' Martínez

Director of Movistar Riders Academy

Degree of Science in Physical Activity and Sport and a Master's degree in teacher training at Miguel Hernández University.

He was a professional player of League of Legends for 5 years, competing at the highest level both nationally and internationally and being one of the most representative national figures. After retiring as a player he decided to take the leap to coach, role with which he conquered the Spanish league. After a brief stint in the ASUS marketing office, he decided to re-train the first Movistar Riders team, possibly the most powerful electronic sports club in Spain. He currently holds the position of director of the Movistar Riders academy, being one of the visible faces of the club, helping with content creation tasks and contributing to the organization of events.

Damià Vidagany Igual

Expert in marketing, digital strategies and communication after having worked in the international sports market in its management and organizational aspects. Especially in the commercialization of assets, sponsors, licenses, digital and traditional development in the sports and entertainment sector.

He is currently CEO of VII Sports Premium Consulting, 360º agency of Sports marketing, dedicated to the development of commercial projects, marketing and communication in order to increase the income in clubs and sports organizations from five areas of non-sport influences such as: marketing, the commercial department, digital development, offline communication and external relations.

He previously worked for nine years at Valencia CF, where he managed the communication departments (July 2008-December 2010. September 2013 - November 2016), marketing and commercial (November 2011-September 2013; November 2016 -July 2017 ), external and institutional relations with UEFA, RFEF and LFP (September 2013-July 2017).

He has also worked in different media such as the newspaper AS, t Cadena SER , Ràdio Nou or the newspaper Superdeporte.

He is a professor at the Cardenal Herrera CEU University of sports journalism, radio and new technologies.

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24 to 26 January 2019


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