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First International Congress of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences
Current and Future Challenges of Physical Activity and Sport
24 to 26 January 2019


The submitted works will be approached in the following way:

Editorial standards for Chapter publication, ONLY FOR ACCEPTED ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Template and Standards of writing for publication of all Abstracts accepted Oficial Poster (optional use) submission template (70x100)Official template (optional use) for Oral Communications
  • Quality and coherence
  • Thematic adaptation according to the area to which it is presented.
  • Fulfilment of the presentation and format requirements.
  • Innovative contribution

Main topics:

  • Health, Nutrition, Sports and Physical Activity
  • Sports Management and Sponsorship
  • Sports Training and Motor Behaviour
  • Biomechanics and Injury Prevention
  • Education, Physical Activity and New Technologies
  • Inclusion and Adapted Sport
  • Sports and Mountain Tourism

Deadline and method of sending the works:

Attach the proposal of scientific communication via mail to:, Indicating in the subject field: "SCIENTIFIC COMMUNICATION CONGRESS".

The deadline for the receipt of the scientific communication proposal will be Sunday, December 9, 2018 (new deadline!).

The participation process is as follows:

1º send a proposal of oral communication or poster, using the "Model of abstract", version in English or Spanish, following the indications that appear in it and completing all the sections.

2º If the proposal is accepted, both for posters and oral communications and you want to publish in the monograph of the "Revista Actividad Física y Deporte: Ciencia y Profesión", the abstract should be resent in both languages.

3º in the case of oral communications, if you wish to publish in the ebook or as an article, you must attach the complete work, using the "communication model".

All submitted papers, to be published, will be previously reviewed by the scientific committee of the congress and editorial committee of the journal, subject to a process of peer review and must conform to the publication standards of the journals themselves.

Publication of works

The Abstract of the accepted communications and Posters will be published in a monograph of the "Revista Actividad Física y Deporte: Ciencia y Profesión" edited by the COLEF-CV and indexed in Latindex, ISCO (CINDOC), DICE, Dialnet, INRECS, SportDoc , Index Copernicus and MIAR.

Edition of a book with its ISBN in ebook format (it will NOT be a BOOK OF MINUTES of Congress) with the EDITORIAL WANCELUEN (position 65 of the ranking SPI-Scholarly Publishers Indicators-last revision).

Authors of accepted papers must be registered (congress registration of at least 50% of the authors is required) and pay registration fees for the congress no later than January 7, 2019 to guarantee publication. The subsequent registrations will suppose the exclusion of the communication and the scientific program, as well as the increase of the corresponding registration fee.

Awards for the best communications:

Awards are established for the eight best oral communications. All those registered in the Congress who submit free oral communications will be eligible for the prizes. The works presented in poster format will not qualify for prize.

All oral communications, by default, may be eligible for prizes. Those authors, who do not wish to do so, should expressly indicate it. When the summary and application are send, they must indicate it in the email if they don want to participate in the awards.

Only those communications that are sent in full may be eligible for prizes.

The prizes will consist in the publication, free of charge, in the journals

-Sportis. Technical-Scientific Journal of School Sports, Physical Education and Psychomotricity, indexed in: Esci Thomson Reuters, Doaj, Redib, Erihplus, Carhus Plus +, Latindex, CSIC-ISOC, Dialnet, Science Open, Quality Open Market Market, Cross Reference, Altmetric , Google Sholar, National Library of Spain, Miar, Dulcinea, Sherpa / Romeo, Researchgate, Cnen-Livre, Boise State University, USA, World Wide Science Index Copernicus.

-Physical Activity and Sports Magazine: Science and Profession edited by COLEF-CV and indexed in Latindex, ISCO (CINDOC), DICE, Dialnet, INRECS, SportDoc, Index Copernicus and MIAR.

The winning works will be excluded from the full publication in any other medium or format by the congress.

The prizes may be declared void if they do not reach the required quality level.

The award decision will be made at the closing of the Congress

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24 to 26 January 2019


Campus de Torrent
Sede de La Inmaculada

Dirección: C/ Ramiro de Maeztu, 14.
Torrent, 46900

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