Local multiplier event at UCV

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Local multiplier event at UCV

20 y 21 de octubre de 2023

Local multiplier event at UCV. On October 20 and 21, a group of 25 people accompanied a transhumant farmer who descended with his herd of 700 sheep and goats from the mountain pastures of Valdelinares, in Teruel, the highest municipality in Spain. During these two days, the participants were able to observe the herdsman's management, the composition of the flock and the different climatic soils and associated vegetation.

At the end of the first day, the group arrived at the village of Puertomingalvo, a historical place associated with transhumance. There, in collaboration with the Ben-Galvón Cultural Association and the town council, a series of talks on transhumance were given by Professor José Luis Castán, a specialist in the history of transhumance in Aragón and professor at the University of Zaragoza, Gabriela Paniagua, a veterinarian specializing in extensive livestock farming, and Iris García, a veterinarian, who spoke about the interaction between wild animals and extensive livestock farming. The event was followed by a large group of people, after which a wine of honor was offered so that the participants could continue discussing this topic that aroused so much interest.

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