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Santoral: San Efrén
Santoral: San Efrén

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Final undergraduate project

The final undergraduate project accounts for 12 ECTS and is undertaken in the second semester of the last year of the degree. It is required that students have successfully completed 85% of the credits of the Degree.

The final undergraduate project consists in presenting a piece of work to an examiners board. The project should integrate the received training content and the acquired competencies.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • To integrate and apply the knowledge and techniques acquired throughout the degree in a professional, creative and dynamic way, following an appropriate methodology.
  • To consolidate and increase the knowledge and competencies received during the degree in the areas they will have to use in their professional career.
  • To provide effective and efficient solutions to problems arising during the elaboration of the final undergraduate project using the knowledge, techniques, capabilities and abilities gained and developed throughout the degree.

An academic or internal tutor supervises the students at all times and meets with them regularly to guide them in the design and elaboration of the research project. This includes looking for background literature, establishing objectives, designing and applying the suitable methodology, obtaining results, processing the data and writing the dissertation which comprises the discussion, the conclusion and the consulted bibliography.

In the international itinerary of the Physiotherapy Degree the final undergraduate project is developed and presented in English.  


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